Webinars started at the end of the 1980s when businesses were looking for something new that supported them to connect with a global audience at once. You can see constant development and evolution in the webinar creation and addition of many elements in your event as per your choice till 2022.

With the development of webinars itself, there are many online webinar platforms that have come to market. And the number of solutions increased during the pandemic time and further.

Still, short, mid, and large-scale organizations look for a solution that can offer various engagement, interactive, and networking opportunities for the audiences, hosts, and everyone who joins the event.

The two live webinar solutions most searched in 2021 and onward are GoToWebinar and Webex. But many people were confused among these and searched for a comparison.

Hence, we have written this blog in order to clear all your doubts and confusion in one place. It is a comprehensive comparison chart of GoToWebinar vs. Webex. So, let’s start understanding both solutions without any ado.


GoToWebinar is a well-known webinar platform founded in 2006. It is the best solution for enterprise-level webinars supporting up to 5,000 members without hassle. Furthermore, your audiences will get the freedom to join the event via PC, laptop, or mobile as per their availability. Also, it offers features as follows:

  1. Freedom to use promotional videos, demos, etc., during your broadcast and share them with your audiences in real-time.
  2. Add custom branding as per your wish using the personalized designs.
  3. Offer incomparable video and audio quality throughout the event regardless of the internet speed and connectivity.
  4. You can record the speaker’s sessions as per their availability and stream them live on your webinar.
  5. Keep your audience engaged with a live polling option. You just have to upload all the questions with four options for those before the event begins.


Webex is one of the top webinar platforms globally. They have developed and evolved a lot in the years, before, during, and after the pandemic. Furthermore, they believe in sharing a complete package of interactive, engaging, and networking opportunities. Here are some features that help them achieve the same.

  1. Audiences can enjoy HD video quality that can be helpful in making your event look clear and more attractive to the audience.
  2. Enable screen sharing feature so speakers can share all the important presentations and documents with the audiences in a real-time event.
  3. Get in-built voice listening in your event app with Webex.
  4. Compatibility to join your webinar from any video system.
  5. Get 100% safety and security with end-to-end privacy and encryption.
  6. Record the meetings from start to end without the hassle and use them for social media and on-demand content.
  7. Share whatever you want with live chat with anyone at the event.
  8. Keep separate break-out rooms for the users to rest during break time.
  9. Attendees can use different emojis to share their reactions in real-time during the speaker session.
  10. Host a separate Q&A session to solve all the audience queries.
  11. Get details and advanced analytics of your entire event. Also, take follow-up to know your attendees’ opinions for your event.
  12. Create a customized mobile app for easy event organization and access for your audiences without a device limitation.

Give your global audiences access to your event with automatic translation into over 100 languages.

A Quick Comparison Chart to Understand GoToWebinar and Webex Better!

GoToWebinar Webex
On-demand webinars 
Embed forms 
Built-in social sharingEmoji reactions
Company page 
Live answer notification 
Call-to-action button 
Private chat 
Analytics reports 
Registrants moderation 

So, these are the various factors that can be helpful in comparing and picking the most suitable and convenient webinar platform for your next event. It can make you analyze what you can get more and better if you choose GoToWebinar or Webex.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in understanding the limitations and advantages of GoToWebinar and Webex.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GoToWebinar used for?

GoToWebinar is beneficial when you have anything to share with the audience where the host or the speaker discusses and explains everything. Hence, you can pick GoToWebinar if you need a one-way interactive webinar.

Which is better: zoom or GoToWebinar?

Most organizations prefer Zoom as it is well-known and most trusted among the other webinar platforms.

Can I use Webex for free?

You can sign up and use the Webex software for as long as you want without hassle. It supports 100 participants, HD video, screen sharing, and a unique room in a free trial.

What is the difference between Webex and zoom?

Webex and zoom are different webinar software that share a variety of features and functionalities.

Do I need Webex to join a meeting?

Attendees can join the Webex meeting without creating an account.

How do I join a Webex meeting?

You do not have to install the Webex app. Instead, just join directly from any browser. It supports Apple or Android phones, tablets or Apple watches, and more.