You have heard of thousands of virtual event platforms. However, you can trust and rely only on the top services as they have the best features and functionalities. Be it a virtual or in-person event, you have to prepare with the best elements to boost interaction, involvement, and networking opportunities for the audiences.

When it comes to enlisting the top virtual event platform, you must have heard the names of Zuddl and Airmeet. These two virtual event solutions have been doing excellent in engaging the attendees and achieving goals.

Hence, here is a comparison of the Zuddl and Airmeet that can help you know which one you prefer in 2022 and beyond.


Zuddl is a hybrid and virtual event platform with robust features that let you organize customized online events without hassle. Furthermore, you can definitely develop a large-scale and high-impact event with Zuddl for your brand.


Features of Zuddl

  1. Complete Event Set up
  2. Live Show Running & Management
  3. Hybrid Streaming & Post Production
  4. Live Chat Support
  5. Additional Storage
  6. Custom Integrations
  7. Domain Masking & SSO
  8. Branded Mobile App
  9. Attendee Chat Bot

Zuddl Pricing

Zuddl offers customized pricing depending on what you want in your virtual event. Hence, you have to reach them with all your needs to host a seamless virtual event.


Airmeet is a well-known online event hosting platform. It provides a virtual space for the organizers to conduct their events. Furthermore, they can invite professionals, join group chats or discussions, and share information with global attendees. Also, it provides you numerous opportunities to grow and expand your brand with the right networking throughout the event.


Features of Airmeet

  1. Host unlimited events
  2. Run events up to 90 mins
  3. Download SD recordings
  4. Play pre-recorded videos
  5. Plan speed networking
  6. Sell and manage tickets
  7. Stream on social media
  8. Track real-time event analytics

Airmeet Pricing

You can get a free version of Airmeet, where you can get some limited features for your virtual event.

On the other hand, you can go for their standard or pro version starting at $200 per month and $7,500 per year, respectively.

A Quick Comparison Chart to Decide Which One You Want – Zuddl or Airmeet!

Features Zuddl Airmeet
Social Media Promotion X
Surveys/Polls X
Virtual Booths
Virtual Lobby X
Q&A Session
Presentation Tools
Pre-made Templates
Mobile Access X
Live Text Chat
Live Audio/Video Chat
Lead Capture
File Sharing X
Event Management X
Customizable Branding
Attendee Management
Alerts/Notifications X


Who Is a Virtual Event Organizer?

A person who hosts or conducts a virtual event to promote their business or brand is an organizer. Furthermore, he is the one who decides everything in a virtual event, from engagement to interaction to networking opportunities.

Who Is a Virtual Event Moderator?

A person who answers all the questions of the audience when the speaker is absent or busy somewhere is the moderator.

What Are the Types of Events That One Can Host at Zuddl Events?

All the scales of organizations can conduct virtual events on Zuddl. You can host small internal team meetings, large trade shows, annual conferences, job fairs, association meetings, and more.

Can You Get a Subscription for a Single Virtual Event?

They will charge you based on registrations and add-ons. So, yes, you can take any subscription at any time.

Can you share the screen on Airmeet?

You can share your screen, desktop, or other content on the Airmeet Event.

What are tables in Airmeet?

A led table is the option for attendees to create their open group conversations and roundtable discussion tables.