Whether you are conducting different styles of events for a long time or not, everyone knows that when it comes to hosting a virtual or hybrid event, you need a reliable platform. A perfect virtual event service provider can increase the chances of boosting engagement, communication, and networking opportunities in your event like never before.

However, you can find countless hybrid event platforms online. But you need to compare and pick the right solution in order to get the best deal. Hence, this blog can help with the same. Let’s begin with the feature comparison in order to know whether Hubilo or Airmeet is the best fit for you!

Features Comparison of Hubilo and Airmeet!

14 Features that every organization looks for and adds to their virtual event.

1. Ticketing

Hubilo provides email marketing, analytics, enrollment, and ticketing for easy event marketing and registration. On the other hand, you can also get a ticketing system with Airmeet with a varying commission.

2. Custom Landing Pages

Hubilo has a limitation on customizing the event landing page. You can not change or edit much in it. On the other hand, Airmeet delivers full customization of the event landing page, keeping the targeted audiences in mind.

3. Streaming to Social Platforms

Hubilo does not support live streaming for the virtual or hybrid on any social media platforms. On the other hand, Airmeet offers YouTube and Facebook live streaming for all the sessions with maximum reach.

Streaming to Social Platforms

4. Invite Attendees on Stage Via Raised Hands

Hubilo does not have the feature of attendees raising hands and coming on stage to ask their questions. On the other hand, the Airmeet provides a “Raise hand” button in the stage’s bottom control bar that can be helpful in a live interaction.

5. Customizable Virtual Booths

You can get the virtual booth with Hubilo. However, you will not get the booth-level chat and virtual tables. On the other hand, you can get customizable booths with Airmeet that can be helpful in making your events memorable with ROI and set up.

6. AI Matchmaking

Hubilo offers AI-powered matchmaking in their virtual events but in lower-speed networking opportunities. However, with Airmeet, you can get a more beneficial networking opportunity with an AI matchmaking tool.

7. Live Chat

Event attendees can chat with anyone during a virtual event with Hubilo. In Airmeet, you can get a live chat option and a separate chat room opportunity.

8. Networking Areas

Hubilo offers breakout rooms and question-and-answer sessions in the name of networking. Whereas Airmeet offers different table chats, social lounges, Q&A sessions, or breakout rooms for a better networking experience during the virtual event.

Streaming to Social Platforms

9. Gamification

Hubilo can help you gamify the overall experience with AR/VR games at your virtual event with 3rd party integrations. On the other hand, you can get the leaderboard in order to create a sense of competition. However, it does not offer gamification.

10. Restrict Access

Hubilo does not offer access control to the host for any particular session or VIP attendees. However, Airmeet helps create a unique link for a separate session in order to conduct a VIP session.

11. Play Pre-Recorded Videos

Hubilo does not specify to play any pre-recorded video during a live session. Whereas, Airmeet makes it possible to play a pre-recorded video during a live event session.

12. Multilingual

Hubilo has updated its content feature with multilingual in the New Community that can be helpful in uploading all the content, such as session title & description, booth name & description, profile field names, etc., in different languages. However, Airmeet offers a multilingual experience with real-time translation. So, you can upload numerous content in diverse languages as well as translate the live content.


13. Event Safety and Security

Hubilo offers stringent security with GDPR compliance, data encryption and protection, backup recovery, and ISO 27701:2019 and ISO 27018:2019 certifications. Similarly, Airmeet offers data encryption, GDPR compliance, and VAPT certifications. So, both the platforms win when it comes to their customer’s security.

14. 3rd Party Integrations

When it comes to integrations, Hubilo limits Mailchimp with its freemium and Salesforce, Marketo, and Hubspot with its enhanced plan. However, you get complete freedom with Airmeet with Zapier, Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Eventbrite, Interprefy, and more.

So, these are the features you need to compare your preference between Hubilo and Airmeet. Next, we will look into the pricing offered by both of the platforms.

Pricing Comparison Chart: Hubilo vs. Airmeet

Hubilo Airmeet
Advanced: $650/month

Audience engagement


Core sponsorship capabilities


Basic-level registration, ticketing & analytics




Get 1 organizer license

Host unlimited events

Run events up to 90 mins

Download SD recordings

Play pre-recorded videos

Plan speed networking

Sell and manage tickets

Stream on social media

Track real-time event analytics

Pro: $1,300/month



Industry leading engagement, including gamification



Advanced branding, including white labeling



Designated client experience team

Standard: $200/month


Run endless sessions

Get session replays

Delegate host rights

Download HD recordings

Customize registration form

Stream-in via RTMP

Customize event invitation emails

Use advanced analytics with segmentation

Connect with Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce and 8 other integrations

Enterprise: Unrevealed


Extensive customizations & robust branding



Superior controls, integrations & security



Premium Support


Pro: $7,500/year


Host multi-track events

Customize Booths

Customize Receptions

Brand your event URL

Lounge space for fluid conversations

Use event gamification tools

Expand networking tables up to 50 people

Access via single sign-on (SSO)

Dedicated account manager

So, this blog shared a well-explained comparison between Hubilo and Airmeet. Hence, it is on you what you want for your upcoming event organization.


As per the experts’ analysis, you can take the Airmeet platform as one of the more reliable and beneficial ones for your upcoming event, compared to Hubilo.