It is undeniable that Instagram is the most popular social media platform these days. It has more than 2 billion active users each minute. Instagram was first launched in 2010, and without a doubt it gained popularity with more than 25k users in just one day. 

Talking about the current era, Instagram has gone beyond its limits with enormous popularity. If you are an event planner or organizer and looking forward to the massive crowd at your event, then what better way to promote the event on Instagram? Yes, you heard it right. Social media streaming services offered many Instagram event marketing strategies that can hype up your event.

In this blog, we are going discuss about Instagram event promotion ideas, and how to promote the event on Instagram. Also, we’ll discuss the things you should consider while you use Instagram features. This whole article covers the basic and advanced tips and tricks of event promotion on Instagram. So, without further ado, let’s start:

How To Promote The Event On Instagram To Drive Traffic

Confused about building a strong Instagram event promotion? Don’t worry we’ve compiled many creative practical tips along with Instagram event promotion ideas to boost your audience engagement. With Instagram’s event marketing tools, you have the opportunity to drive traffic to your event, and that too, effortlessly.

Promote The Event On Instagram To Drive Traffic

It All Starts With A Story

Confused about instagram event promotion ideas? We got you covered. Instagram stories are one of the best ways to promote the events on Instagram. A 24-hour photo and video display feature that lets users showcase photos and small videos. Ensuring visual imagery drives engagement and reach on users’ Instagram profiles and later on to the event. However, Instagram for event stories can be considered a really quick way to respond using a reply box. Here we have tips for how to utilize Instagram event marketing through creative stories.

  • Hashtag & Mentions

Design a unique and catchy hashtag to promote the event on Instagram. Hashtags should be relevant to the event, brand or anything that is related to the event. For instance, #DREAMCASTEVENT2023, #DREAMCAST #DREAMCASTPRODUCTLAUNCH. Make sure to mention these hashtags in stories for influential reach and engagement. Hashtags bring all the content posted by event planners or attendees under one roof and that makes a quick boost in driving traffic.


Moreover, also mention the event planner/organisers’ Instagram profile on your stories for authenticity and transparency. The story ‘mentions’ makes the audience aware of event hosts and other details. Therefore, focus on creating an easy-to-remember, short and unpopulated hashtag and always mention the content under the chosen hashtag.

  • Swipe Up

For an amazing response from the audience, add swipe-up links in the Instagram stories. These links should directly redirect to the event registration page or event-related landing page. This makes the promotion process much easier and simpler. However, Instagram has set some verification criteria in order to add swipe-up to stories. Therefore, one needs to match the requirements of Instagram and then add the links.

  • Countdown Timer

Create a sense of excitement and urgency among the audience with a countdown timer. If in some cases, the followers missed the stories posted earlier, then the countdown button will remind the user about the ending date and time of event enrollment. Timers hype the excitement level in audiences. 

Countdown Timer

  • Instant Replies

Recruit the event staff to give instant responses to followers regarding queries and event details. Slow responses might affect the interest of users and result in low engagement. Therefore, hire event volunteers that contribute in every section to provide the utmost satisfaction.

  • High-Quality Content

To promote event on Instagram, we need high-quality content and visual imagery to attract the attention of an audience. Only quality and creative content generate leads. Therefore, design your content using third-party apps, or use Instagram templates to make a mindful and appealing effect at first sight.

  • Inbuilt Tools

 Instagram offers many inbuilt features that make stories appealing and interesting. Live polls, swipe side buttons, GIFs, ask me questions, music, location tagging, account mentions, countdown timer, trending stickers, link box, and avatars are some of the features that make the story eye-catching and interesting. Make sure to add these amazing features to promote event on Instagram stories.

Filters Are Amazing Ideas

We all love using filters. It just enhances the picture quality and visuals. Similarly, Instagram’s filters are one of the best Instagram event promotion ideas. What’s better than making photogenic filters related to events for promotion? Design and create AR filters based on event themes or brand names to grab the attention of the audience. 

However, if there’s an in-person event then make sure to create a social media wall to display all the images and videos shared by attendees with hashtags and filters. Therefore, creating AR filters can be considered one of the best Instagram event promotion ideas that you can choose for your event promotion on Instagram.

Reels For A Real Audience

Creating reels for your event can be a great way to promote the event on instagram and increase your audience along with engagements. In fact, reels are the one of real components of growth which determines the success of your event. Reels are one feature that allows users to record a short video of 60 seconds using the available filters and tools. However, reels can only be recorded for one minute. Let’s discuss how we can use reels on instagram for event promotion.

  • Attention-Grabbing Content

Be sure to prepare the content of the film reels for effective event promotion. Reels should be relevant to the event, attention-grabbing, engaging, and captivating. Always create and craft reels with originality (original content) as Instagram claims to increase visibility by removing third-party reels and prioritizing the original reels. Therefore, focus on the visuals and audio of the reel.

  • Collaborations

Instagram offers collaborations too. Make sure you collaborate with known influencers, event planners/organisers and brands in the reels. Collaboration contributes to reaching out to new followers and making further networking opportunities that aid in Instagram event marketing.

  • Timings

 Timings do play an important role in reel posting. if you don’t want low engagement and reach then consider the time zone while sharing your reels. Make consistency in posting reels at the same time to drive all the attention and excitement from the audience. However, a survey found that posting reels on Wednesday and Friday attracts a wide reach. Therefore, find a suitable time according to your audience and be consistent pre & post-event. 

  • Hashtag And Description

Add a catchy and compelling description to your reel. Don’t rant about previous events and other irrelevant things in your description. Instead stick to a short, crisp and yet informative caption that clears out basic things like event purpose, timings date and venue of event. Also, add unique and unpopulated hashtags to reels. Hashtag brings all the posts, and reels from every follower under one roof and that results in increased engagement.

IGTV: Go Live With A Tap

IGTV stands for ‘Instagram TV’. It’s another amazing feature on Instagram that offers live-streaming services. This can be considered one of the great ways to promote the event on Instagram with a live stream of events. With, IGTV you can record up to 4 hours without any restrictions. 

Earlier this time was one hour in total and with no ‘later watch’ feature. But with Instagram live stream services you can save your stream for up to 30 days and people who missed the chance to join in real-time can catch up later. For further event promotion on Instagram and to drive attendees you can link your FB profile with your Instagram profile, and can use Facebook live streaming services whenever you’re live on Instagram.

Direct Messaging to Spread The Word

What does just a DM mean? Well in Instagram’s abbreviation, it stands for Direct Messaging. With direct messaging on Instagram for event promotion, you can drive attendees and alot of engagement real quickly. All it takes is to share Instagram stories, posts, reels and live highlights with the followers via instant messaging. However, it is an effective Instagram event marketing strategy that allows you to reach out to every individual directly and personally.

Moreover, don’t spam your audience with continuous messaging. Be clear with a targeted audience, personalization, and concise messaging along with a call to action button. Make sure you leave positive and compelling impressions with your messages.

Data-Driven Analytics For Better Understanding

Along with amazing features, Instagram also provides complete data-driven insights into event posts, stories and reels. To promote the event on Instagram, make use of these insights. With the help of valuable insights, you’ll be able to know more about

Data-Driven Analytics For Better Understanding

  • Targeted viewers
  • The ratio of male to female followers
  • Age group interaction metrics
  • Instagram account engaged
  • New followers that followed your profile.
  • Number of followers and non-followers
  • Time spent on videos/reels
  • The share count of your posts, stories and reels
  • New accounts reached your profile
  • Most watched video/reel
  • Most liked posts which gained followers
  • Limited interactions

All these demographics show complete analytics. Therefore, make sure to notice this data information before you promote the event on instagram for better results.

Showcasing Through Instagram Event Posts

We all share our images and video on Instagram, right? Similarly, we post on Instagram for event promotion and to drive attendees along with engagement. Instagram posts are the main card of Instagram’s overall inbuilt features. Posts include 10 images/videos in one go and it appears in your followers’ new feed for about 60 minutes. Here are short tips by which you can enhance your posts:

  • Add an attractive, short &  crisp caption to your post.
  • Add music to your posts (related to the event theme)
  • Share the location of the event in the posts.
  • Share your posts on your Facebook profile for a wider reach 
  • Share your posts in direct messaging and stories.
  • Share your posts to your Facebook profile for maximum reach.
  • Use event hashtags along with trending hashtags.
  • Do mention and tag related partners, brands and sponsors in your posts.
  • Use a filter to increase the visibility of your event.
  • Share your posts on other social media handles.
  • Interact in comments with your attendee.

Wrapping Up 

So far, we have discussed the ways of using Instagram for event promotion. You can consider the above-mentioned ideas to promote your event on instagram. You can reach your target audience through Instagram and make your event stand out from the crowd by having increased engagement and interactions. Make sure you improve your promotion strategies and build networks globally for the best results.