It can be challenging to create and maintain a high level of interest for your events. It sometimes can be a daunting task for event planners, and incorporating a social wall for events is a great idea. Likewise, it can create a familiar place for attendees to share their experiences and keep them engaged before, during, and after the event. Social walls are easily accessible and foster a never-ending conversation. Attendees can stay engaged by sharing photos, and experiences, and even asking questions, giving the event its own digital life.

However, choosing the best social wall for events to engage attendees may not be easy. But thanks to advancements in technology and digitalization, these robust event integrations have evolved and grown in number. Here in this blog, we have gathered the best and most engaging social wall tools for events in 2024.

What Is a Social Wall for Events?

A social wall is an aggregated live feed which is usually filtered with relevant posts from popular social media platforms. Posts that have used event-specific hashtags or names are filtered to be displayed on a digital signage display, which automatically rotates with new content. The engaging content that has been collected through diverse platforms can be embedded on a website and can even be displayed at virtual or hybrid events. 

A live social wall at the event can empower attendees to share their thoughts, photos, questions, and other event-related content. This boosts the impact of your event and elevates the attendee experience. Incorporating a significant social wall tool can make or break the success of your event. 

25 Robust Social Walls for Events

This event tech solution has grown in popularity and has created a great impact on the life of an event. With popularity, the number of this immersive integration has also been increased. Now there is an array of social wall tools for events available, but we have gathered the most popular and robust tools for your events.

1. Tagboard

Tagboard is a robust tool that uses hashtags to find public social media content across different platforms. It not only tracks the event’s content easily but also displays the same live during the event. Furthermore, organizers can curate each post to make the most relevant ones appear on the wall.

2. Tint

Tint is one of the most popular UGC platforms and just like any other social wall it also aggregates, moderates, and displays social posts live. It also offers some customized features that help you polish the feed. Such as customized themes, engagement tracking, moderation, etc.


It is a great and affordable choice for social walls at events. can support all the popular social media platforms and comes with customization and moderation. Other features such as direct posts and reactions can also be used with this tool. 

4. Curationwall

Curationwall is a tool built for in-event screens that follow your chosen hashtags. This tool gives the benefit of creating polls and surveys within the feed to collect feedback before, during, and after the event. It also provides in-depth analysis that helps in creating reports based on attendee’s posts.

5. Idukki

This is a robust and easy-to-use tool that allows easy collection, curation, and display of posts from multiple platforms. It offers beautiful themes, layouts, and customization options with a user-friendly interface, which is a major advantage.

6. Glue Up

This tool combines the best features into an all-in-one platform for event page creation, email campaigns, event registration & ticketing. One of the most value-added services is the social wall for events feature that can be embedded into both desktop and mobile versions. The tool gives you complete control over the social wall and can foster collaborations and communities for your events.

7. Onstip

It is a one-stop solution for all social wall needs, from adoring social media feeds to interactively displaying them during the event. Onstip is capable of everything and leverages hashtags to collect publicly available content from diverse channels. Apart from real-time tracking, it comes with more features such as enhanced analytics, auto-moderation, themes, and more.

8. Juicer

Juicer is another social wall for events that empower hashtags just like other tools. But it’s not the same, it relies entirely on a very specific set of analytics to deliver value. The tool also offers a free version, giving it a very scalable pricing model, and making the wall surprisingly immersive for smaller events.

9. SocialWallPro

SocialWalPro is a robust tool that offers features like gamification, targeted messaging, and polling for enhanced engagement. It is an affordable option that offers extensive interactive features for a social wall for events, which is a major plus. However, for new users, the interface can be a bit complex.

10.  Eventifier

The platform makes the most of UGC and lets the attendees speak for your event. Eventifier is a smart way to let your event archive: industry info, team members, and more. It helps to aggregate and then create the archives of social media content from events.

11. Flocker

Flocker is one of the finest social walls for events that is mobile-friendly and helps you easily leverage the power of user-generated content for your event. It empowers brands, influencers, and businesses to create a social media feed for your event. An automated feed slideshow can easily be set up from multiple social media channels.

12. Sprinklr

It provides a robust social wall for events for marketing and management, it includes social media marketing, advertising, and content management. Sprinklr is the first unified customer experience management platform that helps events reach, engage with, and listen to the audience

13. Postano

Postano offers aggregation, customization, moderation, and analytics along with supporting multiple platforms. Moreover, the analytics capabilities of the tool are great and can easily help in running a seamless social wall for events.

14. Crowdscreen

Crowdscreen is a streamlined social wall for events that lets you collect, moderate, and display social media content from multiple platforms. One of the greatest things about this social wall is that it offers a personalized wall for your event. With the help of their secure mobile event app, attendees can share the content easily.

15. PresentersWall

If you are looking to engage your attendees on an enhanced level, then have them respond to the polls and questions through the mobile event app. Put their response and queries on the social wall to generate real-time responses. PresentersWall also allows attendees to interact with speakers easily and saves the analytics for future events.

16. is another type of social aggregate platform that connects via API and does not leverage hashtags. It gives more power to organizers on how content is shared on the social wall. This robust API integration leaves more analytics for them to use in their reports. Moreover, it also makes other edits that are visually impressive for the wall, like automated scrolling.

17. Snapcastr

Other than a highly customizable wall to empower branding, Snapcastr also allows integration and showcasing of your event’s sponsors early. Organizers can add them to the system, and they can easily get featured on the social wall. Furthermore, it can easily collect data in real-time and can enhance the experience.

18. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is also known as one of the premier analytics and publishing tools. Not only that, it also does more than scheduling and offers a tool called Hootfeed. It allows to capture of questions from the audience and even allows building a community by interacting beyond the social platforms.

19. The Wallrus

It is a photo-heavy social wall platform that relies mostly on popular social media platforms to share content based on hashtags. The Wallrus provides value and heavily focuses on entertainment types of events. It provides branding features and creative editing tools to make the social wall match the event. 

20. SocialWall Pro

SocialWall Pro is the easiest and most complete social wall for events that brings all social messages and images in one place. It offers up to 22 templates with colour options for the feed and adds a gamified element to make it more engaging.

21. Miappi

Miappi is a user-generated content platform that discovers valuable event-specific content from popular social media platforms. It gives organizers peace of mind and helps them to get digital, along with moderation features to make it easy for them and avoid irrelevant content. You can leverage the tool for unlimited brand feeds and real-time updates.

22. LiveWall.Co

Livewall is a free and premium social wall for events that is built for large screens and touch-enabled kiosks. It not only supports posts from social media feeds but also supports engaging apps. This programmable tool lets you create loops so that the wall can become a part of media look like advertisements, upcoming sessions, and more.

23. Everwall

Everwall is not only a social wall tool, but it’s also a robust analytics tool. It provides comprehensive moderation, customization, and advertising options for events. Everwall’s publication tool is lightning-fast, and each post takes less than a second to be published on the wall.

24. Foursquare

In this tech-savvy generation, constant updates on social media platforms are a “cool” thing to do. Foursquare is a location-based marketing tool that allows attendees to post on social media for the event and get rewards. This social wall tool also offers check-in options and provides an advertising model that allows easy photo uploads on the website.

25. Glisser

Glisser is a basic social wall tool that publishes standard PowerPoint and Keynote presentations slide by slide. Organizers can choose the option to choose which tool to provide, such as slide sharing, drag and drop, audience polling, and more. The tool can easily collect information and seamlessly integrates voting, questions, polling slides, and feedback into the presentation.