Your virtual events affect a lot of aspects of your business. They can build or break your market value and reputation. Hence, most organizations conduct in-depth research to find the best virtual event platform for their upcoming event. 

You can compare the various features and requirements of your shortlisted virtual event solutions. It can be tough to make the right decision and choose something that can make your event successful in 2022. 

So, we are here with a detailed comparison among the top virtual event services: Airmeet and Hopin, keeping the event requirements in mind. 

Let’s begin this blog with an overall difference between Airmeet and Hopin. 


Airmeet is one of the best event platforms that give the power to create, run, and monetize a virtual & hybrid event or webinar. You can create a fully customized dedicated conversation and engagement space for your global audiences without hassle. This is not it! You can get more with the following features of this platform. 


Features of Airmeet You Should Not Miss!

  1. No need to download any software or app. The audience can access the event easily with any compatible browser.
  2. Audiences can start and join the event with Aairmeet. 
  3. Offers 100% safety and privacy for the data of the audiences and hosts
  4. Chat and connect with global audiences by integrating virtual lounges. 
  5. Make your audiences ask questions by using the raise hand option.
  6. Get a qualitative and scalable experience for your universal audiences with different internet stability and connectivity. 
  7. Let multi-speaker talk and discuss in one session. 


Hopin is one of the best virtual event platforms designed for better learning, interaction, and networking among attendees. It is a customizable solution that offers a complete mix and match of the reception, stage, meetings, booths, and registration for all the online events. 


Features of Hopin You Should Not Miss!

  1. Make separate Q&A sessions to resolve all the queries of your audiences. 
  2. Give audiences space to rest in breakout rooms.
  3. Explain every topic in brief with collaborative whiteboarding.
  4. Engage your audience with live polls and surveys.
  5. Provide complete freedom to start discussions on public and private chats.
  6. Add some interactive games that can connect more and more users together. 
  7. Get completely customizable branding opportunities to display various promotional content for your brand. 
  8. Support multiple browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. 
  9. Offer multi-device compatibility with Android, Mac, Linux, Windows, Safari, and iOS.
Features Comparison
Airmeet  Hopin
$200/month $49.50 / month
Airmeet supports an online live session for a global audience You can pick Hopin for a seamless live stream
You can get detailed data analytics and report for your event Enticing breakout rooms to engage the users during the event
Allow live polls to engage the users throughout the event Get features to pricing all as per your customized plans
Provide a recorded video of your entire virtual event Provide 24/7 customer support
Do not ask to install any app or software Get 100% safe and reliable service

The other aspect is the Pricing of virtual event platforms. Hence, here is a comprehensive list of advantages you can get with the free version of Hopin and Airmeet. 

Free Pricing Comparison
Airmeet  Hopin
Get 1 Organizer license. Unlimited events with up to 100 registrations/event
Unlimited events hosting Customizable registration
Run events up to 90 mins Complete virtual venue 
Download SD recordings Up to 2 hours in event length
Play pre-recorded videos Email/chat support
Plan speed networking Basic analytics
Sell and manage tickets Virtual Stage 
Stream on social media Virtual Sessions 
Track real-time event analytics Virtual Networking 
Virtual Expo areas

So, these are the various factors that can be helpful in finding and picking a virtual event solution that fits your requirements. Every platform has its own benefits and constraints that can help you select the right one for your event. 

We hope the above comparison may help you choose a beneficial online event service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Airmeet have an app?

Airmeet has an app that provides easy to log in and attend events with fellow participants.

How do you record on Airmeet?

It records automatically. You can find the recorded video on the admin dashboard.

How do I start an Airmeet meeting?


Go to the dashboard

Develop an event

Start the Event

Does Airmeet have a virtual background?

Yes, participants can use these in-built virtual backgrounds on the social lounges & live sessions.

How do Hopin events work?

Hopin creates a virtual venue containing multiple interactive areas optimized with engaging and networking features and functionalities.

Can attendees be seen on Hopin?

Organizers can create an open event as well as they can make only organizers and invited attendees.

Do you need an account to use Hopin?

Yes, you need a Hopin account to log in and attend the event.