Metaverse is a new trend in the event industry. All the organizations want to know what it is and how they can use it in their brand promotion.

Metaverse technology has changed and upgraded the team meeting experience. You must know the various benefits that hosts and attendees can get with metaverse AGM.

So, here are the 6 advantages for your guidance about the metaverse.

6 Advantages of Hosting Team Meeting in Metaverse!

6 Advantages of hosting a team meeting with the metaverse technology are as follows:

1. Freedom to Create a Complete Customizable Space

You can get complete freedom to customize your own virtual space. The top virtual event platform gives you a completely customizable space. You can create the entrance all by yourself. Moreover, you can add some animated lights and background melodies to the lobby of your virtual event. It will make the entrance of your virtual event just like an in-person one.

Freedom to Create a Complete Customizable Space

Also, you can create various dynamic banners for better brand awareness. You can share several infographics, including images, gifs, videos, etc. Hence, you can promote and display all your products on the banners.

2. Get New Superpowers with the Integrations

You can get a lot of superpowers like never before. Moreover, you can create your own avatar. It is an electronic image of a human. However, it can create exactly the same as a person. You can choose the hairstyle, clothes, specs, shoes, and various other options in order to make it similar to you.

Get New Superpowers with the Integrations

You can also get 1:1 or group live chat, audio, and video call options. It can be helpful to connect and communicate with the audience, speaker, host, sponsors, booth representatives, and all the participants in a metaverse event.

You can get the external communication integration. It will provide you with apps like Whatsapp, Zoom meeting, BlueJeans, and various others. Moreover, you can experience easy interaction with these features.

3. Increase in Productivity

You can get artificial intelligence as a beneficial technology for your metaverse team meeting. The top virtual event platform offers metaverse space with AI integration. Moreover, you can change the experience with various latest features.

Increase in Productivity

You can get an AI-based matchmaking tool. It helps to make friends in a metaverse team meeting. Moreover, you can get suggestions from attendees with similar interests. It analyzes the demographic information of the attendees to observe and match the people with each other.

Hosts can get detailed analytics from the virtual event platform. They use AI technology for robust data tracking. Moreover, you can know the most and least liked tools at your virtual event.

4. Easy Entertainment

You can create various sessions to make your virtual event entertaining. The top virtual event platform provides features like Gamification, leaderboard, AR photo booth, etc.

Easy Entertainment

You can get more than 100 AR/VR games in your virtual event. All the attendees can enjoy the games in a metaverse space without difficulty.

Features like leaderboards can add some competition to your virtual event.

You can click various selfies with an AR photo booth. It provides a lot of backgrounds that you can use in your pic. Also, you can create a gif taking a lot of pics in a row.

5. Seamless Networking

You can get a lot of features to get some networking to your metaverse team meeting.

You can get the networking table. It is a round 8-seater table. Moreover, the organizers create these tables for easy conversation. Also, it includes the live chat, audio, and video call functionalities. It makes the discussion seamless and immersive.

Seamless Networking

Next, you can get a B2B meeting scheduler. It allows the attendees to book an appointment with any speaker even before the meeting starts.

Also, you can change the business cards just like you do in a physical event. Attendees can send pleas to each other for sharing their business cards. Moreover, the attendees can get the business card only after the recipient accepts the request.

6. Enticing Engagement

Engagement is a very vital aspect of a virtual event. People will stay at your event till the end only if you have factors to keep the attendees engaged.

The top virtual event platform provides the heart, like, clap, hoot, and various emoticons. It creates an in-person experience as you can respond to the speaker sessions with several emoticons.

Enticing Engagement

You can also provide them with various brochures, flyers, documents, pdfs, and other essential files with the documents library. It is a virtual space at metaverse team meetings with all the information an attendee may need during the event. Also, attendees can get complete access from view to download with the top virtual event platform.

So, these are the various benefits that you can get by hosting a team meeting in the metaverse. The main feature is the avatars of the metaverse. Moreover, it makes the experience more in person. You can create a better space just by picking the right virtual event platform.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial to know how metaverse can be excellent for your team meeting in 2022 and upcoming years.