If you are looking for creative and innovative ideas for your new product launch ideas for an event that catches everyone’s eye then we have you covered in this blog. Scheduling a product launch event in traditional ways used to cost a fortune. However, advanced technology turns the tide of introducing a product/service to the public. A successful product launch can be hosted via a hybrid platform, in-person or completely virtual as per convenience. Here we have concluded the best creative product launch event ideas to maximize the audience reach.

A Brief to Product Event Launch

A product event launch refers to the introduction of a new product/service to an audience to create interest and popularity. These events are meant to generate excitement, create brand awareness and curiosity about the product. Product launch events require whole corporation efforts such as product development, product marketing strategies, product sales, and customer service.

In other words, product launch events can bring all the limelight and attention to your product, generating an early sales flow, and establishing the momentum needed for the launch.

So, without further ado let’s discuss the best brand activation and product reveal ideas to get the attention of your audience.

21 Creative Product Launch Event Ideas

As we know about the product launch event and why it is important, here are the best 21 creative new product launch event ideas to make your event out of the ordinary.

  •  3’L Of The Product Launch Event

The 3’L of product event launch includes pre-launch, launch, and post-launch. These are the main three phases with a planned strategy that is required to make any product launch outstanding and remarkable. Pre-planning consists of figuring out the pieces of your event, scheduling, and creating the desired outline. Next up is the launch, the attention-grabbing stage of the whole event that generates sales, and creates buzz for a short period. Lastly, the post-launch determines the outcome of the whole event. 

Therefore, bring your all attention to bear on making all three ‘L’s’ work well together to make the event unusual.

  • Product Teaser

Thinking of showcasing a short teaser as the product reveals ideas before the launch? Go for it. The teaser campaign aims to promote brand awareness and engagement by getting the audience to talk about the product/service. However, it’s a marketing strategy or an idea that generates social engagement, excitement and curiosity about the big product reveal. In addition to this, product teasers are a great product launch activity that easily grabs attention by intriguing the audience.

  • Influence By Influencers

Teaming up with the best influencers can be one of the ways to drive engagement and awareness effectively. More than 20% of companies use influencer marketing techniques for their unique product event launch and spend over half of their budget on marketing. Undoubtedly, influencers have the capability to attract an audience at their level and understanding. In comparison, a brand cannot interact with every person, whereas influencers can easily involve with the audience because their opinion is usually considered trustworthy by the public.

  • Launch Countdown

Setting up a countdown timer for the event launch to have the maximum audience at the time of the event can be summed as creative product launch event ideas. Creating awareness before the actual launch benefits the audience along with event organizers. However, you can use countdown timers on Facebook stories, Instagram stories and youtube communities, and send push notifications, quick reminders, or automated emails. 

  • Live Streaming on Social Media

Live streaming can be an unimaginable part of your product event launch. To engage more with your audience you can choose social media platforms as they are quite powerful tools to attract maximum reach. Live streaming services offer numerous benefits in product launch activities such as increased engagement, communicating the product value, greater audience potential, and generating excitement. Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram are the popular live social streaming platforms that will boost the audience at product launch events.

Live Streaming on Social Media

  • Celebrity Guest: One of The Effective Brand Launch Ideas

Calling a celebrity guest to your product event launch can be considered one of the best ideas for a brand launch that can hype the excitement in the public. Although, the audience can be influenced by the influencers but not to the point of a celebrity guest. It is one of the effective ways to make your brand known in a very short time. Moreover, the guest you are choosing must align with the brand-defining qualities because celebrity endorsements are seen as the best forms of influencer marketing.

  • Create A Hype

Creating excitement, intrigue, and hype among your guests. The key to creating hype is by generating ad campaigns about your brand as it’s going to work as an amazing brand launch idea. You can use social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to post exciting pictures about your brand. Creating a sense of curiosity brings excitement to the audience and willingness to know about the big reveal of the product/service. Here’s a list of  creative product launch event ideas which you can utilize to create a buzz about your product

  • Live streaming services
  • Social media platforms
  • Ad campaigns
  • Newsletters and emails
  • Guest posts and Blog posts
  • Using your brand Hashtag
  • Run teaser campaigns. 
  • Contests alerts
  • Influencers at the time of the event
  • Photos and videos (highlights)
  • Pre- Webinar  
  •  Pre-Order For VIP Access

Giving pre-order access to your VIP lounge attendees can be one of the best product launch event ideas to attract the audience and generate sales. You can promote as well as generate leads for your product event launch even before the real launch. Therefore, offering a limited number of pre-order slots exclusively to VIP lounge attendees can be summed up as the best idea for promoting your event.

  • Creative Hashtag

Create an all-in-one hashtag feature that covers everything related to the product launch event. Make a hashtag like #dreamcastinnovativeproductlaunch for your product launch, so that people can have access to every small detail under one hashtag. For an in-person event product launches consider building a social wall for attendees. Using a single hashtag will create hype on social media while making your product launch easily found by potential people. 

  • Choose An Exciting Venue

If you’re hosting an in-person event then choosing an exciting venue can be a challenging task for you. If you don’t want to keep your audience guessing about the product from outside the venue, then you should consider below mentioned product launch examples and book the best venue available for your product event launch.

  • Venue
  • Ambience
  • Location
  • Capacity
  • Services
  • Parking
  • Amenities
  • Safety and Security
  • Overall Atmosphere at the event venue.
  • Set an Exciting Theme

Setting up an exciting unique and relevant theme for your product event launch for your attendees. The key to the relevant theme is to align your product with it. Follow a colour tone, and tagline for your theme as this will create memorable experiences for attendees. Incorporate your desired theme while focusing on your basic setup such as event branding, stage design, colour, and lighting.

  • Brand Partnerships

Have you considered forming a partnership with a related brand? Brand partnerships play a crucial role in enhancing the success of product launches. Partnership with similar related brands allows you to tap into their audience and make potential customers, those who were unaware of your brand. Plus, it creates ideas that increase your brand’s activeness, credibility, and reputation. However, leveraging the joint marketing strategies simply diversifies the audience engagement along with your aligned goals for product launch.

  • Customer Testimonials: Word of Mouth

Testimonials can bring numerous benefits to your product launch event. Using customer testimonials in your event can provide the reality of satisfied customers by showing their real experiences. it adds authenticity and credibility to your product and genuine experiences can resonate with target audiences at a different level. Showcasing previous experiences benefits in creating an emotional connection among the audience and can be seen as one of your brand launch ideas. However, by leveraging the power of previous feedback, and word of mouth you can easily communicate as it’ll make an impression on your audience.

Customer Testimonials: Word of Mouth

  • Presentation And Storytelling

All your product launch events depend on how you present your product to the audience. The presentation of the product and the motive behind product creation are the two main factors in determining the success of the product launch events. Narrate the story behind your product launch activities and organization to grab the attention of the audience. However, it solely depends on the product, your brand story must be appealing to keep the audience engaged.

  • Behind-the-scenes

Use behind-the-scenes photos, videos and highlights from your product launch to promote the event. Behind the scenes shows a glimpse of event preparations, dedication, and even teamwork. Make your audience part of your product launch activities from the beginning by taking them through all the glimpses of the event. The intention behind giving the glimpses should be to make the audience aware of what they can expect from the product launch event. Therefore, sharing the sneak peeks can be considered a good brand launch idea to create hype and excitement among the audience.

  • After Launch Party

We are discussing the product launch event examples, then how can we miss the after-launch follow-up? If your product launch is in the form of an in-person event, then you must throw an after-launch party. Celebrating the event’s success with speakers, team members and guests after the launch benefits the product launch as it keeps the audience discussing the product for as long as possible. 

  • Send Gifts Before Big Events

Thinking about grabbing all the attention before a product launch event? Sending freebies to your audience can be your answer. Well, sending free product samples or little hampers with exciting packaging to the target audience can be considered one of the best product launch event ideas. For instance, a few companies like Nykaa always send free sample sachets even before launching a product and this creates value for the product.

  • Be Selective With The Guest List

You don’t want a gathering of an unusual audience on a product launch event registration. Choosing & inviting the targeted and appropriate participants is crucial for the event. However, if it’s a product to bring the audience together then nothing can beat the hybrid event launch platform. Whereas if it’s an exclusive event launch then follow up with a short private event and send named invitations to attendees to make them feel special. Moreover, none of the event hosts wants an unnecessary audience. 

  • Activities in Product Launch: Gamification

Gamification is one of the greatest ways to enhance your product and can be considered the creative best product launch event idea. Deploying AR and VR-based games, 360 photo booths etc, catches the attention of almost every participant at product launch. Gamification can be used as one of the ways to make your audience more engaged, more interactive and it assists in building social networking at the same time.

Activities in Product Launch: Gamification

  • Contests to Gain Popularity Before Product Launch

Creating entertainment elements like contests can be seen as another best product launch event idea. To bring the new attendee to your product launch try organizing contests in malls or any social media platforms before your product launch event. Ask your audience to participate in the contests by tagging people under your product hashtag or sharing stories on the product’s social media page and give them a free product launch event ticket or early bird discount in return.

  •  Swag Bags To Get Noticed

Swag bags are one of the best product launch event examples. It is a free gift that carries a brand name or brand logo which is given to the attendees after the product reveal. These swag bags are considered to be the best idea to generate goodwill and brand visibility in the market. Use swag bags to get noticed by new audiences in a short period. 

The Bottom Line 

By the end of this blog, we have discussed the best product reveal ideas that you can use. These proven strategies can surely bring you success in your brand activation at a higher level by increasing your visibility and brand awareness. To enhance the overall quality of your product launch event, focus on cooperating with product launch examples for creative & innovative experiences and always think outside the box.