In the search for the best online event platform, you may have come across tons of names. However, these options create confusion and trouble picking the right one only.

As per the analysis, the global audiences have chosen the top 2 Online event platforms among the various others. Hence, Dreamcast and 6Connex have saved a place for themselves among the top 5 online event solutions.

They have advanced features and functionalities with exceptional and user-friendly experiences for your audiences. Hence, we have created this blog that explains all the elements you can consider to choose the best online event platform among Dreamcast and 6Connex.

Dreamcast Pricing:

You can get a free demo for your online event with Dreamcast. And you can request a quote as per your necessities and requirements. They will fulfill all your needs without the hassle and provide you with an amount to calculate, keeping all the things you need in mind.

6Connex Pricing:

Launch Eventory is the most basic payment option Starting at $3,000.00.

Launch Immersive is the middle payment option Starting at $12,500.00.

You need to contact the 6Connex directly to know the price for the Rise payment option. It offers 1 License Per Year with this package.

You need to contact the 6Connex directly to know the price for the Soar payment option. It offers 5 Licenses Per Year with this package.

Device Support Dreamcast 6Connex
Windows X
Chromebook X
Android X
iPad X
iPhone X
On-Premise X
Linux X
Mac X

A Quick Comparison Chart Between Dreamcast And 6Connex!

Dreamcast 6Connex
3D Event Experience 2D Event Experience
Completely Customizable Event Platform Single-use virtual venue
Alerts/Notifications Event Management Platform
Attendee Management Platform Training
Customizable Branding Event Promotion Tools
Event Management Multi-Language Support
File Sharing Open Universe Integrations
Lead Capture Reporting & Analytics
Live Audio/Video Chat Engagement Experiences
Live Text Chat AI Powered Engagement
Mobile Access Role-Based Access
Pre-made Templates Team Onboarding
Presentation Tools
Q&A Session
Social Media Promotion
Virtual Booths
Virtual Lobby
Multi-Language Support

Bonus Integration: Dreamcast Helps You Digitize Your On-Ground Event!

Dreamcast provides the best integrations for your on-ground events. You can provide your audience the option to register, get the ticket, and more online without hassle.

  • Advanced White Label Mobile Event Application
  • Market and Drive Registrations with Event Microsite Builder
  • Registration App and Form for Online and On Spot
  • Modules For E-commerce, Hotel Booking & Packages
  • Whatsapp Driven Communication and CRM
  • Access to On-Spot & Online Functionalities with QR Code
  • Multi-Format Live Streaming for In-studio Or On-ground Events
  • Third-Party Integrations & LIVE Commerce
  • Hybrid Networking Solutions for Virtual & Onspot Attendees
  • Multiple Exhibitor-Oriented Solutions
  • 100% Customized Event Platform
  • Complete Event Data Analytics & Reports

WhatsApp Automation

  • RSVP Management
  • Event Ticketing
  • Push Notification & Broadcast
  • Database Marketing
  • Live Audience Engagement
  • Post Event Feedback
  • Digital Event Help Desk
  • User Journey Automation
  • E-commerce

Bonus Integration: 6Connex Helps You Digitize Your On-Ground Event!

You can get a lot of features and functionalities that can change the complete experience at your in-person event platform. Furthermore, you can digitize various aspects and make the event successful without hassle.

  • Ticketing
  • Registrations
  • Coupon Codes
  • Eventory
  • Fully integrated in-person event apps
  • Eventory Operator
  • A live event environment
  • Eventory Scanner
  • Promotion for Your event
  • Event management and reporting tools

So, these are the various features and functionalities one can get with Dreamcast and 6Connex. It can be difficult for you to choose one of them as both have the best features. However, if we talk about the customer’s reviews and preferences, Dreamcast has won this battle.

Dreamcast is a robust and most liked online event platform that provides a seamless experience no matter what event you conduct. It has numerous unique solutions for every event, from virtual to hybrid to an on-ground event. Furthermore, you can host a successful event with Dreamcast, just like thousands of organizations have achieved in their events.

In a Nutshell:

So, we have provided you with a detailed comparison between Dreamcast and 6Connex. Now, it is your choice which one you will choose from these. You can match the features and functionalities of these two online event platforms with your requirements and choose the one that suits you.

Furthermore, your main aim while conducting an event is to reach a global audience and create a better experience. You can engage, interact, and network during the event to turn potential customers into sales. This way, you can change the complete experience for your audiences. They will offer the best grade ambiance and environment for the participants to make their event experience seamless.

Hence, you have both the Dreamcast and 6Connex explained. Choose the one that you think is the best. Also, you can share your opinion and suggestions in the comment section.