The registration process of the event is the core part of any event. Event attendees play a major role in the success of any event. And if you offer online registration you will be able to increase registrations for your event. So if you are hosting an event but you are low on promotions and marketing budget and you are wondering how you can promote your event without spending much, then you are at the right blog.

As further in this blog, we are mentioning 6 no-cost strategies that will help you promote your event without burning your budget.

Tips To Boost Online Registration For Events

Online registration is a major part of your event so here are some tips that will help in boosting the registration process of your event:

Use Social Media Platform

The first and most effective way of boosting registration for events is through social media. All social media platforms are free to use and these platforms have a huge audience base. You can announce your event date on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc and you can add the link to the registration form with it.

registration for events is through social media

To boost online registration for your event add the link of your registration form to all your social media platforms. There are various features like streaming, question & answer, etc that you can use to boost engagement and for promoting your event registrations.

Take Advantage Of Your Existing Audience

If you have hosted events before and you have an existing audience take advantage of that. Because chances are they are most likely to register for your event. Use your Email list and send invites to your existing audience and let them know that you are hosting an event. Send a more personalized email to your existing audience. Remarketing is the best way to increase participation in your existing event.

You can also offer them some additional discount because they are your existing customer. Not just that you can also reach your social media audience for boosting registrations for your event.

Opt For Event Registration Platforms

An event registration platform is a next option that you can use to boost the reputation of your event. If you are thinking that you don’t have a budget and how you can get an event registration platform so don’t worry there are a lot o free event registration platforms available in the industry and not just that you can also find affordable event registration platforms that offer flexible pricing.

The event registration platform allows you to create custom, eye-catching registration forms that ease the process of registration in a few clicks.

Host A Giveaway

Giveaways are another way to increase event registrations. You can host a giveaway for a contest on social media platforms. You can opt for a social media platform that has your target audience. By using the right strategy you will b able to reach and engage more audiences on social media platforms and in this way you will be able to promote your event organically and as a result, it will boost registrations for your event.

Offer Discounts

Who doesn’t like getting some discounts? Offering a discount can be helpful for your registration process. You can offer early bird discounts, discounts on combine registrations, and discounts to your existing customers for boosting registration for your event.

You can send discounts and coupon codes to your audience through emails. Offering instant discounts usually boost the registrations, so make sure that you are offering instant discounts on tickets.

Keep It Short & Simple

The next thing that you have to keep in mind if you want to increase the registrations for your event is to keep the registration process short. Your audience might lose interest in between registration process if it is too long. Your audience should be able to register for the event in a maximum of five minutes.

So don’t ask unnecessary questions, keep your questions relevant and to the point. Ask for essential information like name, address, email address, phone number, and payment method.

And offering the payment option on the registration page itself doesn’t redirect your audience.

Benefits Of Online Registration

If you are wondering why you should offer online registrations for your event here are a few benefits of offering online registrations:

Time Saving & Convenient

Online event registration is time-saving and convenient as attendees don’t have to wait in long queues to register and they can also get instant confirmation for their tickets. Event attendees can register for the event anytime they want according to their convenience. Online event registrations save both attendees and event organizers time.

More Audience

With online event registration, you will be able to attract more audiences. If you follow the above-mentioned tips you will be able to boost registration and attract more audience to your event. If you are offering resignations through the event registration platform you can also promote registrations through the platform for more audience.

More Audience at events

Easy Tracking

Another benefit of offering online registrations for events is easy tracking. Event organizers can track all the activities related to event registrations and ticketing. Not just that they can also keep the track of revenue generation. Online event registration data help in lead generation and retargeting of the audience.


If your brand or business wants to support the environment and is planning to host eco-friendly events then online event registrations are best for your events because they are eco-friendly.

Online registrations reduce the usage of paper. You will be able to host a paperless event by offering online registrations for the event.


The next benefit of preferring online registration for events is that it is a secure method of registration. Most of the event registration platforms are secure. The data that your audience will be sharing with you will be saved securely and you will be able to access that data whenever you want.

The Bottom Line

Event registration is a huge part of event planning. Event organizers want to ace their registration process so that they can attract more audience to their event. If you have a budget to market it, run ads, and collaborate with others in your industry well and good but if that’s not the case and you have a very limited budget then you can follow the above-mentioned tips for boosting your registration process. Plus there are various benefits to considering online registrations. So if you are planning any event you should consider offering online registrations for it.