Awards & recognitions are important parts of any industry. They boost the morale of workers by recognizing their hard work and appreciating their efforts towards the organization or the industry in which they work.

Awards shows are usually associated with huge physical gatherings in a large, well-decked venue. The event is usually replete with all sorts of performances, people, networking, exchanges, booths, stalls, & engagement opportunities.

Award shows are also a great way for organizations to showcase their sponsors & partner brands by branding the entire environment of the award event.

They also form a great talking point for the whos-who of any industry & are able to provide a springboard for success to those nominated or awarded.

While physical gatherings were deemed necessary to host award shows for a long time, since 2020, it has become evident that that will not be possible for quite some time now.

At least, not in the same way as before.

Hence, the need for hosting virtual award shows & award ceremonies is growing by the day. As many organizations & industries come to terms with the fact that physical, in-person events are still quite a long way to go, virtual award shows are likely to become the mainstay for hosting award ceremonies for now.

Virtual Award shows are just like other virtual events, except that they require more people to speak & share their thoughts with others, which includes people who are nominated as well as people who win the award at last.

They also need a festive sort of virtual environment to make the attendees feel like they are a part of an actual virtual award show, & not sitting by their screens.

Virtual Awards shows also require the service of good quality audio & video conferencing tools to help the attendees interact & network with each other.

Along with those, they also need engagement features like breakout rooms, networking tables, discussion roundtables, jury meetups, one-on-one video conferencing, & 2-way video chats.

Other engagement features to keep the attendees interested & excited are live chat, live polling, Q&As, emoji reactions, virtual applause functionality, & much more.

Of course, like all virtual events, a virtual event platform is of utmost importance for hosting a virtual awards show.

A good virtual event platform will mark the difference between a successful, engaging, & productive virtual awards show, & one that just happened to float by without leaving much of a mark on its attendees.

In this article, we will tell you the top 3 virtual award show platforms to host your virtual award ceremonies with.


Dreamcast is a leading virtual award show platform that helps you transform your physical, in-person award ceremonies into engaging, immersive virtual ones. A host of exciting features and round-the-clock technical support help it achieve the top leader status in the virtual award show platform roster.

Trusted by over 5000+ brands, Dreamcast helps you achieve long-lived relevance & impact with your virtual award show.


Event organizers can get in touch with the platform’s engineers & design their virtual award show their own way with plenty of customizable & templatized design patterns.

Some of its notable features that help make your virtual award show an unforgettable experience for your attendees include:

  • Gamification features that include both templatized, pre-available games, & customized games that you can specifically have the designers develop for your virtual award show
  • Dynamic leaderboards that reward your attendees for being active throughout the award show with redeemable points, positions on the leaderboard, etc.
  • Popularity score that allows your attendees to vote for their favorite person nominated to help them feel like they are a big part of the virtual award show
  • Audience engagement features like clap, hoot, like, & emoji reaction to help them showcase their feelings about the session
  • Guide video that helps your attendees understand the entire event & its various features through well-animated & easy-to-understand, interactive graphics
  • Touchpoints, customized points throughout the virtual award show that help your attendees navigate the event smoothly
  • Real-time & local-time support, that is readily available to solve any & all of your attendees’ queries throughout the virtual award show
  • Attendee access control helps you limit or restrict the access of certain attendees to certain parts of the event. Especially useful for when you have VIP after-parties after the award show, or specialized sitting zones for separate attendees.
  • Audience engagement features including 1:1 video conferencing, live Q&A sessions, external integration, and video & audio calls between attendees
  • Detailed event reporting & attendee footprinting that helps you track every attendee activity within your virtual award show to allow you to understand where they spent most of their time within the virtual award show.

AwardsRoom by evessio

AwardsRoom by evessio is an all-in-one platform for Virtual & Hybrid Award Shows. It is an exciting, interactive virtual award show platform that helps you bring together the guests, the jury, & the sponsors for the award show in an immersive, highly engaging way.

Its sophisticated & high-end engagement features help the audience connect & engage with one another during the virtual awards show.


Some of its notable features include:

  • The ability to live stream award presentations
  • Welcome attendee functionality
  • No upper cap on audience capacity
  • Video chat capabilities
  • Real-time networking
  • The ability to efficiently manage sponsors
  • Precise & high-end data analytics

Also, AwardsRoom has different user experiences for the guests, the sponsors, & the hosts.

The guests can:

  • Preview shortlisted nominations
  • View the judges’ comments
  • Create their own profiles
  • View the guest list
  • Meet guests at their table
  • Interact via video chat & other ways with the other guests in the room
  • See the event schedule
  • Play games & competitions during the awards show

And more.

The hosts can:

  • Brand the award show according to their needs & requirements
  • No upper limit on capacity
  • Create a global experience
  • Access to a dashboard where they can organize & control all the aspects of their virtual award show
  • Access to an easy-to-use website builder
  • User-friendly content management system
  • Get access to detailed user activity through the analytics dashboard
  • Measure event impact through specified metrics
  • Encourage networking around the room

And more.

The sponsors can:

  • Choose premium brand placement across the room
  • Business profiles with direct links to their company’s website
  • Sift through the guest list in advance
  • Identify sales target
  • Target messaging to participants throughout the virtual award show
  • Target messaging to specific companies
  • Organize individual as well as group chats
  • Get a separate specific sponsor table in the virtual award venue
  • Enjoy a range of sponsorship opportunities throughout the virtual awards show
  • Get Post-award show brand engagement analytics
  • Get Post-award show contact list

And more.


vFairs is another big name in the category of virtual award show platforms. vFairs has a ton of features that help users host engaging, immersive, & interactive virtual award shows.

vFairs helps you transform your physical, in-person award ceremonies into rewarding, engaging virtual award shows, with the help of high-end engagement & interactive features.


It allows you to host your virtual awards show with remarkable, noteworthy features like:

  • Immersive, visually rich virtual environment
  • Virtual exhibit halls/award halls replete with sponsored booths & stalls
  • Interactive webinar & video conferencing options
  • Live chat & networking to help attendees connect with each other
  • Popular app integration to help support & enhance the user experience
  • Event sponsorship opportunities for your sponsors & partner brands
  • Easy event setup & event builder support
  • Market your virtual award show in a way that drives the maximum attendees to attend your award show
  • Host customized virtual award shows to win over your attendees & make them feel like they’re a part of a personalized experience
  • Virtual award show gamification features that help keep your attendees engaged & interested throughout the virtual award show
  • Round-the-clock customer support & technical resolution
  • Event attendance reports & a detailed event analytics report for the event organizers’ perusal
  • Flexible & scalable attendee accommodation options

If you’re looking to host your own virtual award show, then this guide should be a good way to start. To know more about the latest happenings & developments in the world of virtual event technology, keep following this space.