Hybrid Events are events that combine an in-person, physical event with the characteristics of a virtual event.

Hybrid Event Platforms are designed to allow maximum outreach & attendee participation. They keep the integrity of an in-person event intact with various elements of virtual events sewn into it.

Many organizations around the world have been using hybrid events to upscale their audience attendance & outreach. And, all this while giving their in-person attendees an unmatched event experience.

Tech giants like Apple have been hosting their product launches in a hybrid format for ages now. They ensured a successful launch by including live streaming & live chat functionality in their in-person launch events.

This was done to ensure that the launch reaches as many people as possible, without the limits of physical presence.

Hybrid Events have become a game-changer in the events industry. About 34% of event organizers expect to invest more in planning & hosting hybrid events in the coming years.

All of this points towards an undeniable force in the events industry; well-planned, effective Hybrid Events.

However, your Hybrid Event is often just as good as the Hybrid Event Platform you use to host it.

Most event organizers, especially if they’re new to Hybrid Events, don’t understand which Hybrid Event Platforms are the best for them.

The decision depends on a variety of factors; from budget to the features you want in your event, to the number of attendees participating & the kind of networking features you wish to provide them with.

Choosing which Hybrid Event Platform is the right for you is never an easy decision, but we can help you make the decision a little easier. How? With our well-researched & assorted list of the 16 best Hybrid Event platforms to host your next Hybrid Event with.


Dreamcast is a well-renowned & efficient Virtual & Hybrid Events Platform that helps you host engaging, immersive, & realistic Hybrid Events for your business. It offers event organizers an extensive pool of event features. These features help them host their most productive & purposeful hybrid events to date.

Virtual & Hybrid Events Platform

Think of events that are brimming over with engagement, design, customization, networking, real-time support, etc. Additionally, Dreamcast also provides you with all this & more to make your hybrid event a thumping success.

It provides you with multiple Hybrid Event engagement features & functionalities. Following are some of the top tools to enhance your Hybrid Event:

  • AI matchmaking
  • Immersive 360-degree Environment
  • Business Card Exchange
  • Leaderboard
  • Networking Tables
  • AR Photobooth
  • Dynamic Banners
  • Accessible Documents
  • Seamless Networking,
  • Standard Microsite
  • Easy Navigation
  • B2B Meeting Scheduler

And a lot more to help your attendees be a part of an unforgettable hybrid event experience.


Canapii is by far the coolest, most promising hybrid event platform of 2020. It has only recently introduced features that help it become a priority for event organizers looking for an efficient hybrid event platform.


Canapii helps set your hybrid event apart by providing you with smooth video meeting functionality. In addition, it ensures HD quality keynotes across all PCs, tablets, & mobile devices.

Canapii helps event organizers design exceptional virtual & hybrid events through their experienced event services suite. Also, it ensures that your event leaves an impact in terms of raw engagement, immersive capabilities, & realistic event environments.


Digitell prides itself on being the hybrid event platform with an execution plan for every event strategy.


In addition, Digitell’s highly experienced virtual event team works closely with you to create meaningful & personalized event experiences. They help you attract a global audience to your engaging & attractive virtual or hybrid event.

Digitell also provides you with a user-friendly & scalable hybrid event platform that helps you render an unparalleled event experience to your attendees.


SpotMe is a one-stop virtual & hybrid event platform. Whether it is a live, virtual, hybrid, or on-demand event, SpotMe has the ability to head it up for you. It ensures to deliver highly engaging, interactive, & immersive experiences to your attendees.


With SpotMe’s hybrid event platform, you can provide your attendees with breakout sessions, various networking opportunities, personalized agendas, two-way communication features, & sophisticated gamification options.

In addition, SpotMe’s high-end & efficient event features help you design more engaging, immersive, & sophisticated virtual & hybrid events for your attendees.

This helps you engage your audience, network, & let them enjoy themselves in a virtual, life-like event environment. It gives you more outreach & greater attendee satisfaction.


Parcy helps you create & design in-person, live, virtual, & hybrid events that are fully customized to each of your attendees’ needs.

It also helps you plan your events to a T, include strategies & features to make them stand out from the rest. I also ensure each of your attendees feels included & special.

With Parcy, you can easily create highly immersive event experiences that take your virtual/hybrid event to a whole new level.

It provides you with an unending stream of customizable features, allowing you to personalize every aspect of your hybrid event. It also includes event registration pages, emailers, & live streaming pages with the best of design & engagement capabilities.

You can also integrate Zoom live streaming or live stream the event to any other platform of your choice with Parcy.


Hubb was recently featured in Forrester magazine as a leader in the B2B marketing events management solutions category.


Fittingly so, as Hubb has been known in the events industry for being a pioneer of hybrid events. It is reinventing the way the world experiences virtual events.

Hubb helps you create, design, & host engaging, immersive, & networking-focused event experiences. It provides a diversified range of possibilities for your attendees that help brands get the most out of them.

Additionally, Hubb helps drive your business towards sustainable growth & success by streamlining all of the time-consuming & tedious event processes. It gives you access to a plethora of profitable, unique event insights & audience behavior. All these features help you boost audience engagement & participation through exciting, new-age engagement features, & improving your ROI.


Hopin has long been known as the number one choice as a virtual or a hybrid event platform. It has proved its worth to event organizers looking to host meaningful, impactful, & interactive events.


Hopin also provides event organizers with an all-encompassing virtual venue with multiple interactive spaces to help your attendees network seamlessly.

Your attendees have the option to move in & out of rooms just like they would in a physical event. They can enjoy all of the engagement opportunities, networking features, & creative event environment you have created for them.

With Hopin, event organizers quickly notice that their virtual & hybrid events generate higher attendee retention rates, low drop-off rates, & overall attendee satisfaction.


vFairs is an all-in-one virtual & hybrid event platform that helps event organizers plan & host unmatched, realistic, life-like events.


With vFairs, event organizers can host virtual conferences, trade shows, job fairs, new student orientation, expos, & much more.

Some of the top features provided by vFairs are:

  • Immersive 3D environments
  • Impactful networking & communication tools
  • Multiple webinar hosting options
  • Personalized animated avatars
  • Complete project management
  • Commendable 24×7 customer support.

It also has one of the most inclusive & wide sets of event features you’ll ever come across.


Airmeet is a one-stop virtual & hybrid events platform. It helps you to connect your audience within the umbrella of communities and host breathtaking immersive events.


It is also a comprehensive set of event features that promote audience engagement & community building. Airmeet helps you do more, grow more, & reach out to people more.

It is a scalable virtual & hybrid events platform that helps you host events of every scale. From a small meetup to a large summit with complete ease & control.

In addition, Airmeet doesn’t require your attendees to download any additional software or browser plug-in. It provides you with a complete facility package to host a successful event.


BigMarker is a wholly customizable virtual & hybrid event platform. It combines powerful video technology with efficient & cutting-edge marketing & interactive event experience to give your attendees a life-like event.


With its set of unique event features, BigMarker also helps event organizers create one-of-a-kind branded event experiences for their attendees.

Their industry-grade customization abilities help them deliver just the right branded event experience. It helps you render a fun experience to your attendees, key stakeholders, & sponsors, simultaneously.


Aventri is an efficient & well-renowned in-person, virtual, & hybrid events platform. It provides event organizers with an all-encompassing events & meetings solution. It helps them realize their key virtual/hybrid event goals & reach their event ROIs.

With a portfolio consisting of over 300,000 successful & exceptional events over the years, Aventri’s event management technology also helps event organizers provide their attendees with the best of event services & enable the organizers to collect, analyze, & derive meaningful insights from the event day.


Hexafair brands itself as the first all-in-one 3D virtual & hybrid events platform. It powers online events, trade shows, job fairs, expos, & conferences with a wide range of event features.


In addition, its features & streamlining capabilities imply lesser expenses & increased ROIs for event organizers, along with attendee satisfaction & higher retention rates.

It is also one of the most comprehensive hybrid events platforms. It provides a unique, compelling list of event features that help event organizers set their hybrid events apart from all the rest.


Another one-stop hybrid events platform on this list, InEvent helps event organizers design immersive & attractive event experiences for their attendees.

These event experiences help turn regular attendees into loyal customers. It also drives sales, increases profits, overall efficiency, & cost-benefits for virtual & hybrid events.

Additionally, InEvent’s hybrid events platform is also designed to help event organizers host corporate events, trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, demo sessions, & more from a single dashboard.

Their portfolio includes over 400 companies from about 138 countries. Coca-Cola, Unilever, Santander Bank, & Facebook are amongst their most prestigious clients.


Bizzabo is among the world’s most top-rated event management companies. It helps event organizers create immersive & unique event experiences for their attendees.


Bizzabo is an all-in-one hybrid event platform that provides event marketing, management, & registration tools. In addition, you get all of it in one place to streamline the multiple, time-consuming event aspects.

Bizzabo’s event services cloud also seamlessly integrates with other solution providers, offering smarter & more efficient ease-of-operation & planning to event organizers.


Hubilo is an efficient & innovative virtual & hybrid event platform that helps you create effortless event engagement & overall excellence.

It also helps you scale up your virtual or hybrid events experience with top-notch attendee engagement & interaction features for greater business success. It first & foremost aims to drive more meaningful & impactful engagement.

With Hubilo, you can easily create an immersive branded event experience that is full of innovative & seamless audience engagement features. In addition, it lets you drive maximum success & an optimal ROI.


The ON24 hybrid event platform provides life-like, personalized, & 24×7 accessible event solutions. It helps the event organizers create engagement, drive sales, & collect meaningful data from their events.


ON24 is among the world’s most innovative hybrid event solutions. It delivers unique, engaging, data-driven, & interactive virtual & hybrid event experiences to attendees all around the world.

On24 understands the kind of revenue that can be generated by giving people an unforgettable event experience. Thus they focus solely on that while continuously upscaling their event services suite.

We hope this list helped you learn a few things about the 16 most recommended Hybrid Events Platforms in the world. To read more of such interesting articles, and know more about the latest happenings in the world of event technology, subscribe to our newsletter & keep checking out our blogs!