When the world was counting down for 2020, nobody had even the slightest idea of what the year had in store for us. While we were compelled to stay indoors for most of the year, the global event industry faced hurdles as all physical events stood cancelled for an uncertain period. But, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention; therefore, event organizers quickly came up with several live-streaming platforms to deliver advanced event experiences at your fingertips.

This blog discusses the top 10 most popular live streaming services providers in UAE. Read till the end and select the one you think is the best for you.


One of the most trustworthy and secure live streaming services in the UAE, Dreamcast offers highly captivating features to its users. Its customizable and interactive features make it the most preferred platform among the event organizers.


Features of Dreamcast-

  • Dreamcast offers a DIY customizable booth feature enabling the users to set up virtual booths according to needs and demands. Its interactive and user-friendly interface allows hosts to deliver a successful virtual event.
  • In addition, it offers innovative and interactive tools making it convenient for organizations to execute their plans seamlessly. 
  • The platform comes with live polls, Q&A sessions, AI-Matchmaking, B2B Meeting scheduler, and more immersive tools that help the hosts increase audience engagement. 
  • Dreamcast also allows the user to track real-time audience data, helping them have detailed audience analytics. 
  • The post-event data lets the organization conclude if they have achieved event objectives or not and develop a better understanding of their audience. 
  • It also allows the attendees to interact with fellow attendees, exhibitors, and hosts through chats or audio and video calls. 


This emerging virtual event platform, Vmeets, is known for its interactive features that help the users deliver an authentic experience to their audience.


Features of Vmeets-

  • It is a one-stop solution for its users with integrated audience registration, event setup, exhibitor management, and post-event analytics. 
  • Vmeets is counted as one of the best platforms for live streaming in Dubai, from planning to executing an immersive event. 

Hive Streaming

If you’re looking for a high-quality live streaming platform in UAE on a fixed budget, Hive Streaming is the one for you.

Hive Streaming

Features of Hive Streaming-

  • This platform uses the bandwidth of that enterprise on its own to deliver top-notch and quick content to users.
  •  Its event metrics features allow the users to get insights streaming like viewers’ participation, engaging time, streaming performance, etc. 
  • Its other captivating feature is the geography-based statistics option. It allows the user to get analytics based on the area division, customer sites, and viewers’ experiences. 
  • In addition, hive Streaming comes with an API that enables organizations to collaborate with third-party video conferencing systems. 


Another efficient streaming service in UAE, Wirecast, lets the organizations have a closer-to-real experience.


Features of Wirecast-

  • With Wirecast, you can deliver your thoughts with perfection, irrespective of the scale of your event. 
  • The platform requires you to have a basic understanding of the technical aspects of live streaming software. However, the basic design of the software and well-defined features make it easy for the user to execute the ideas smoothly. 
  • The features that make it a favorite of several organizations are multiple stream settings and queuing up a source using the preview pane. The platform is both Windows and Mac OS compatible. 


It is a promising live streaming service provider that allows organizers to host virtual events in an end-to-end encrypted environment.


Features of Boxcast-

  • The platform comes with a user-friendly interface which means one doesn’t need to be an expert to access the platform. 
  • Furthermore, the users don’t need to rely on any third-party platform to stream your event, as Boxcast offers you the entire infrastructure from beginning to end, making it highly user-friendly. 
  • An easy-to-use platform, Boxcast gives the audience a very realistic, holistic, and branded experience. 


HexaFair is another live streaming platform that enables users to host trade fairs, virtual conferences, career fairs, virtual exhibitions, and virtual meets seamlessly. 


Features of HexaFair-

  • It helps them reach a large-scale audience that goes beyond lands and oceans. The platform has very minimal prices and provides high ROI and sponsor value. 
  • Hexafair comes with virtual 3D booth technology that makes the event more engaging for the audience. 
  • It has a highly captivating interface that provides features like Breakout rooms, One-on-one video calls with the attendees and the exhibitors. 
  • It even allows the attendees to look at the posted photos and videos at the booths, download brochures, and chat with the exhibitors. 


One of the most trusted and reliable live streaming services in Dubai, Inxpo is the go-to solution of many. The platform is highly secure and has gained the trust of many renowned companies. A trustworthy platform, it offers its customers various engaging features.


Features of Inxpo- 

  • If it is marketing communication or sales training, Inxpo is here to deliver you the best video experiences. 
  • The platform aims to serve authentic experiences to its customers ranging from webcasts to video portals enterprising solutions. It has helped many global brands to increase their brand reach, escalate ROI and boost engagement. 


A one-stop solution for organizations, Hoppin offers a flexible, scalable, and interactive virtual event experience. Its impressive and exciting features deliver a close-to-real event solution to its customers.


Features of Hopin-

  • The core components of this streaming service provider include reception, stage, sessions, networking, and expo area. All these factors, together, deliver a unique experience to your attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors.
  •  It is an all-in-one solution that offers a complete package to host an online event, saving the organizers from hiring two to three platforms. 
  • Hopin is compatible with all kinds of streaming formats, be it live stream or pre-recorded streaming. 
  • The platform prioritizes customer convenience the most and allows them to make changes regarding the event anytime.


Another platform that makes it to the list of best live streaming platforms is vFairs. This expert platform specializes in Job Fairs, Online Fairs, Trade Shows, and Onboarding fairs.


Features of vFairs-

  • vFairs offers customization features that let the customers modify it as per their needs and event requirements. A highly interactive platform, vFairs helps the hosts increase audience engagement at the event. 
  • It offers various engaging tools such as audio/video calls, discussion, and webinar forums. 
  • vFairs provides customer service and highly responsive event management, helping the organizers host their virtual events expertly and efficiently. 
  • Along with it, vFairs allows the users to attend the event through laptops and mobile phones.


It is another efficient live stream platform that gives its audience a realistic experience with its virtual 3D experience.


Features of Hubilo-

  • Hubilo offers booth customization allowing users to set up the booths as per their needs giving it a more personalized look. It gives your attendees a surreal experience and provides engaging activities within the event that allows them to connect.
  •  With its interactive features, the platform enables the hosts to expand their brand reach. It also helps the audience increase information retention, adding value to their overall experience. 
  • These features and user-friendly interface enable it to be one of the best live streaming companies in the UAE.

Looking for the best live streaming platforms can be a real challenge. We have listed the top 10 live streaming services in the UAE to make it easier for you. Choose any one of them and make it a memorable event for your brand and attendees. Happy organizing!